Quick Links For Parents

Check this page for handy links, various documents, and everything else we can think of to share with Harmony parents!

Back-To-School Playbook

Can My Child Go To School Today?

Chromebook Handbook

GATE Nomination Forms

Homeless Education

Online Store 1 (French Toast): Student Polo Uniforms

Online Store 2 (Best in Class): Student Supply Packages

Online Store 3 (Positive Promotions): Spirit Shirts, PE Uniforms, Backpacks, Lunch Bags and more....

Online Stores Support

Parent Support - Schoology

Parental Involvement Policy

PTO and Volunteer

Student Assistant Form

Student Support - Schoology

Wednesday Mail

Wellness Policy (Local)

2023-2024 School-Parent Compact - Harmony School of Achievement

2023-2024 Pacto/ Acuerdo Con Padres - Harmony School of Achievement

2023-2024 Achievement Campus Parent and Family Engagement Policy

2023-2024 Achievement Politica de Participacion de Padres y Familias del Campus

2023-24 Campus Improvement Plan - Harmony School of Achievement